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The benefits of tea

2018-01-24 16:29:53

For thousands of years, tea has been consumed in China for its health benefits. For several years now, scientific studies have been conducted and the results are breathtaking!

A food medicine?
Why did scientists examine the virtues of tea? Simply because it is a real cocktail of extremely interesting compounds. This plant is rich in substances well known for their protective properties: polyphenols. These have an antioxidant action: they make it possible to fight against the formation of excess free radicals in the body, substances that promote the premature aging of cells and the appearance of diseases. And tea contains very powerful antioxidants: catechins (especially in green tea), theaflavins (especially in black tea), flavonols ... They would be even more effective than vitamins C and E!

An anti-cancer weapon!
Scientists around the world have of course wondered if this antioxidant power of tea protects against one of the most important diseases: cancer. And the results lean in favor of this drink. Several studies have highlighted the anti-tumor effects of tea polyphenols, both in vitro and in animals. In humans, several studies have shown a protective effect against cancer (more often related to black tea apparently). Thus, this plant would decrease the risk of breast cancer in women. But men are not left out: tea could protect against prostate cancer. Some studies also point out that the consumption of tea provides a small defense against UV rays, thus helping the skin to fight against the harmful effects of the sun. But it must be recognized that in the area of cancer prevention, tea remains controversial: several studies have not obtained positive results, some even showing an increase in risk related to consumption!

Good for the heart
In the prevention of cardiovascular disease, tea has proven itself. Thus, it makes it possible to limit the formation of atheroma plaques, responsible for the obstruction of the arteries. The mechanism would be related to the antioxidants of this plant that would prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol thus reducing the formation of dangerous plates. But tea polyphenols also have an antithrombotic effect (against the formation of clots that can clog an artery). In general, consuming three cups of tea a day would reduce cardiac accidents by 11%. But be careful not to exceed the dose: in excess the tea could reduce the absorption of iron intestinal level: beware of anemia, especially in pregnant women!

Reboot Zen!
But tea is not only good for the body: it is also good for the head! Of course, it contains theine, better known as caffeine, but half as much as a little black. Of course, it depends on the duration of the infusion. According to the scientific information center on tea, a 3-minute infusion extracts 50% of the caffeine from the plant, compared with 80% for a 5-minute infusion. Moderate consumption of this substance increases alertness, especially when you are tired. In addition, consuming a hot drink such as tea would help fight stress. This helps to fight against the constriction of the blood vessels of the extremities, for example reducing the problems of sweaty hands in case of anxiety!

Against weight: no miracles ...
On the other hand, needless to believe that tea makes you lose weight. Of course if you do not add sugar, a cup will bring you only two small calories and can help you eliminate toxins as part of a high protein diet for which you must drink a lot. Certainly, some studies come to revive the slimming properties of this drink. Thus, a Japanese study recently showed greater weight loss when a diet was associated with tea consumption. But do not bother: it was work in diabetic mice made obese ...

So if you want to eliminate a few pounds, nothing prevents you from drinking tea, but instead bet on a suitable diet and a little physical exercise!

Written by: Alain Sousa

Source : Doctissimo


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